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  The Ultimate Customer Loyalty Building Gift!
Now it is possible once again to be personally connected with your customer and to forge a long lasting relationship just like in the old days. Customers want to spend money with a company they have a relationship with. The ultimate loyalty building photo product will be sincerely cherished, appreciated and happily displayed in the home or office for all to see.  

The perfect promotional gift for developing customer loyalty for:

Car Dealerships


Home builders

Tractor Dealers

RV Dealers or any sales organization.

3 D popout


Clear cast acrylic backing to blend with any wall color decor wherever displayed.

Protected with a heat activated, high gloss,  ultra violet light protective laminate for long lasting quality.


Click On Photo to Enlarge

A customerís photograph mounted onto cast acrylic using cutting edge laser technology, creating one of a kind 3 D personalized long lasting keepsake. Your customers will gladly display this in their home or office for all to see promoting your sincere appreciation for their business!  
With over 25 years in the photography business this acrylic 3 D personal photo products has resulted in more compliments from our customers than any other product we have sold. Let the power and the emotion of this product create loyal customers for your business. There has never been a more powerful marketing/advertising tool to build good customer relations to enhance your Customer Management Relations program. To learn more or to order a sample of the Ultimate Customer Loyalty Building 3 D gift contact us at cooperstowntime@verizon.net and a real person will personally answer any questions or concerns you may have. Satisfaction is always guaranteed!

The Best Long Lasting Advertising To Build Customer Loyalty

  1. Assures brand recognition to the consumer.

  2. Builds a relationship with your customers and potential customers. Without a relationship, your customer may or may not consider your business but will likely consider many of your competitors before finalizing their decision.

  3. Should place your product and your name firmly in front of the targeted consumer.

  4. Causes your customer to always think of your company first thereby giving your company the first chance to make a sale.

  5. Customers want to spend money with a business they have a relationship with.

  6. Must make an impression.

  7. Must continue to see your brand; your message, again and again for the added benefit of becoming a part of the unconscious mind, where many purchase decisions are made.













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